Oulu Smart City seminar is history –
but the ideas and thoughts will fly

Intelligent Community Development & Smart Market Creation
4-6, May, 2015, Oulu, Finland

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30 years of cooperation – and the journey continues

The City of Oulu is a forerunner Smart City. It has been able to use this competitive advantage to develop new innovations, businesses and services for the benefit of the whole society. The Oulu’s citizens have been playing a central role in the development work. The innovative approach and capability to react fast to the changes will be securing Oulu’s role on the top of the global technology cities also in the future. The City of Oulu has the long tradition of co-operation between education and research institutes, companies, public sector as well as enthusiastic and innovative individuals. This means that instead of talking about the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), the term used for it in Oulu is Public-Private-People-Partnership (PPPP).

The objective of the seminar is to promote Smart City development

  • by inspiring ideas of keynote speakers
  • by sharing best practices and lessons learnt
  • by participating workshops on current opportunities and challenges
  • by networking and promoting cross-disciplinary discussions
  • by getting better Smart City initiatives

Smart City cooperation

Expand your network and maintain your current relations:

  • at the regional level – Oulu Innovation Alliance
  • at the national level – Six biggest cities of Finland
  • at the arctic level – Oulu – Luleå – Tromssa
  • at the EU level – European Committee of Regions
  • at the global level – Intelligent Community Forum

Smart Oulu is made of 3D Internet, 5G network development, smart housing, health intelligence, printed electronics, environmental technology and creative applications of wireless technology.

Matti Pennanen, Mayor of Oulu, Host of the seminar, and Pekka Kess, Professor, University of Oulu, Chair of the seminar, warmly welcome you to Oulu, Capital of Northern Scandinavia.

According to ICF (Intelligent Community Forum), Oulu is one of the TOP7 most intelligent cities of the world in 2012 and 2013.

Role of ICT in community development and cross-organizational collaboration for city development e.g. through Triple Helix, and local ecosystems, and collaboration between the cities in Smart City market creation are main topics of the seminar.

The seminar provides an interactive platform for participants that represent stakeholders from cities and governments, knowledge institutes and intermediaries as well as industry and companies: policy-makers, decision-makers, researchers, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Oulu – Light of the North

Casumo Oulun kokoinen leikkikenttä netissä. Lue lisää kasinosta klikkaamalla.

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Welcome to Oulu!

Host: Matti Pennanen, Mayor, City of Oulu

Welcome to the Seminar!

President: Pekka Kess, Professor, University of Oulu

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